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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mistakes commonly made by Survivalists

July 5, 2009 - "Mistakes commonly made by Survivalists" By Joseph Parish. We are all survivalists and were beginners at one time or other and each of us could perhaps share an interesting anecdote or two concerning our experiences. Unfortunately, the new survivalists often learn the tricks of the trade the hard way and many times even the more experienced of us survivalists may overlook important aspects associated with bugging out or retreat creation. Although the saying of live and learn may apply to most situations I for one do not desire to chance a philosophy such as that to the well being and survival of my family in an emergency situation. Perhaps this short article may serve as a reminder to both the newbie’s as well as for the experienced pros in what not to do. Click here


  1. One of my friends left Y2K stocking up to her husband...didn't get involved. He simplified by buying beans. They ate beans for the next five years.

    A piece of advice for people "bugging out";
    you're planning to camp in the countryside. Unless it's state or federal forest land, that land belongs to a property owner who's had years of practice already keeping recreational users off their land. If it's a breakdown on society where they can't call on a sheriff to boot you out, they will do it themselves with guns. Many, many country property owners are planning a "shoot on sight" policy towards armed intruders. If you plan to "bug out" towards the country and private property, carry a white flag...no gun..and they may let you stay.

  2. Morgana that sounds like very good advice.


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