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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seeds Seeds and more Seeds..

Now that we are right around the corner from the growing season, are you going to use those crazy Walmart seeds? I hope not! What we should be doing is making the investment into heirloom seeds. I just got my shipment in of my heirloom seeds from http://www.survivalistseeds.com. If you want to keep producing good quality food then you need get heirloom seeds. Remember in gardening you need to "feed the soil, the soil feeds the plants, and plants feed you." This is a great quote from Big John Lipscome.

Also if you can find the current issue of Backwoods Homes magazine it has a great article on gardening in small spaces. This is a great magazine that everyone in the prepping and survival world should have.

If you are in the New Castle County area you can go down to Newark and get as much compost that you can haul. It is free for the taking. If you are in Kent and Sussex, try to goggle to see if you county has a free composting pile to get from. If they don't well start your own in your yard.

Composting is hard to do, and the benefits are very good. The results in your garden will be great. The compost pile can be as easy as just making a heap and organic matter, or complex as a 3 or 4 bin system. It depends on your garden your needs and your space. There are many plans and styles to composting. It can be made with discarded wood pallets. There are also ones that can be bought online, but this is not a good idea IMHO since they cost so much money and we should be conserving the money for prep's at a time like this.

Keep busy and look out for you family.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We are getting screwed all over... so just bend over!!!

I THINK NOT. Now is not that time to let this country go down the drain with this massive paper weight. We do not need to take our sentors advice and just let them do what they want. I know we are fighting a war to keep this country great. We all need to take the time to read this bill and look at the different things that are going on with it. Did you know that there is universal health care in this bill? How is that stimulating the economy or cutting taxes? If you want to check it out go for it. While you are at you should also make it a daily point to check out Glenn Beck on Fox News. http://www.foxnews.com/glennbeck/ he does a great break down of this in today's show. I was planning on trying to take the family on a nice trip this year, well that will not be happening. We will have to have a staycation or something local. This is not because we can't; it is because we need to prepare for the next depression that is coming like a train in the night.

Our wonderful Gov. Jacky Markel is already to start spending money that isn't even came in yet. Wants to add more ezpasses to the I95 at a cost of 43 million dollars. I am not one for sitting in traffic, but 43 million that is crazy for some lanes so we can easily give the beast more of our money to throw out the window. I have a crazy idea, how bout we all be responsible and not think that Nanny Sam will take care of me if I make a bad decision. I maybe crazy here it is just a though.

Now we need to cut corners to prepare for this very long road that is coming. So we all should look at our spending for the next month and figure out what do you truly need and what can you give up to have more food for when the SHTF happens becuase it is coming the question is are you PREPARED????


Thursday, February 5, 2009


We all should be in the planning stages of your up coming growing season. Taking notice now where we will get the most sun, the best shade for the plants that can't handle direct sunlight. If you don't have the Basic Country Skills book you should get it. It has great information on what plants do good together what ones need space from another. You can order it from Amazon.com I am sure of.

Planning a savings for those hard days ahead of us. Don't get all freaked out... I can't even pay my mortgage/rent and this Rook card is talking about savings. It doesn't take $50 to save. We all can start off with the change in our pockets. I keep my separated so I can look for older coins that will be of more value when SHTF. If you are in a area that has junk yards you can sell all kinds of scrap metal for money. Then add that to your savings. Got some stuff laying around that you didn't even know you had for years. List it on Craigs List. Put 1/2 in savings 1/2 into prepp's. Google different ways to save money and see what you come up with.

Spring is most of the time where people are looking at the planting season. Starting this year we all should be looking into making repairs from the long winter months that might have happened form the snow storm or the such. Looking for weak areas around our homestead. Also let me make one thing clear, your homestead doesn't have to be in Rural area! Were we choose to make our stand/homestead is our God givin right to choose where we want to be at.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Delaware - First State

Welcome to the Delaware Preppers network. I will be looking for fellow prepper's in Delaware to help out sometimes. I know that you are out there lurking and sneaking around we all do. Now is not the time to move into the shadows. This is the beginning of great things to come. I will be post as much as I can. I will be moving out to my castle very soon. So I will be posting as I can. I have started to plan the garden and getting the soil ready as soon as I can.

The new castle will have much small storage area so I will have to get creative as where to store my prep's. Now comes the task at hand for the fellow preppers... Submit your ideas to help everyone out.

Keep working on the moat... and check back often.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming Soon....

Rook will be operating Delaware Preppers Network. Welcome Rook! If you would like to be a team member and contribute, please leave a comment.
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