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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We are getting screwed all over... so just bend over!!!

I THINK NOT. Now is not that time to let this country go down the drain with this massive paper weight. We do not need to take our sentors advice and just let them do what they want. I know we are fighting a war to keep this country great. We all need to take the time to read this bill and look at the different things that are going on with it. Did you know that there is universal health care in this bill? How is that stimulating the economy or cutting taxes? If you want to check it out go for it. While you are at you should also make it a daily point to check out Glenn Beck on Fox News. http://www.foxnews.com/glennbeck/ he does a great break down of this in today's show. I was planning on trying to take the family on a nice trip this year, well that will not be happening. We will have to have a staycation or something local. This is not because we can't; it is because we need to prepare for the next depression that is coming like a train in the night.

Our wonderful Gov. Jacky Markel is already to start spending money that isn't even came in yet. Wants to add more ezpasses to the I95 at a cost of 43 million dollars. I am not one for sitting in traffic, but 43 million that is crazy for some lanes so we can easily give the beast more of our money to throw out the window. I have a crazy idea, how bout we all be responsible and not think that Nanny Sam will take care of me if I make a bad decision. I maybe crazy here it is just a though.

Now we need to cut corners to prepare for this very long road that is coming. So we all should look at our spending for the next month and figure out what do you truly need and what can you give up to have more food for when the SHTF happens becuase it is coming the question is are you PREPARED????


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  1. prepared and ready are a ways apart,,,you can be prepared,,and when tshtf,,you find what parts you weren't ready for...thats why i read as many blogs as i can,,,usually catch something needs tweaking....keep preppin,,have a good'un


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