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Thursday, February 5, 2009


We all should be in the planning stages of your up coming growing season. Taking notice now where we will get the most sun, the best shade for the plants that can't handle direct sunlight. If you don't have the Basic Country Skills book you should get it. It has great information on what plants do good together what ones need space from another. You can order it from Amazon.com I am sure of.

Planning a savings for those hard days ahead of us. Don't get all freaked out... I can't even pay my mortgage/rent and this Rook card is talking about savings. It doesn't take $50 to save. We all can start off with the change in our pockets. I keep my separated so I can look for older coins that will be of more value when SHTF. If you are in a area that has junk yards you can sell all kinds of scrap metal for money. Then add that to your savings. Got some stuff laying around that you didn't even know you had for years. List it on Craigs List. Put 1/2 in savings 1/2 into prepp's. Google different ways to save money and see what you come up with.

Spring is most of the time where people are looking at the planting season. Starting this year we all should be looking into making repairs from the long winter months that might have happened form the snow storm or the such. Looking for weak areas around our homestead. Also let me make one thing clear, your homestead doesn't have to be in Rural area! Were we choose to make our stand/homestead is our God givin right to choose where we want to be at.



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  3. Hey - I love this post! - I am doing the same in our house and have already sold some old fishing gear. even small amounts add up.


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