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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seeds Seeds and more Seeds..

Now that we are right around the corner from the growing season, are you going to use those crazy Walmart seeds? I hope not! What we should be doing is making the investment into heirloom seeds. I just got my shipment in of my heirloom seeds from http://www.survivalistseeds.com. If you want to keep producing good quality food then you need get heirloom seeds. Remember in gardening you need to "feed the soil, the soil feeds the plants, and plants feed you." This is a great quote from Big John Lipscome.

Also if you can find the current issue of Backwoods Homes magazine it has a great article on gardening in small spaces. This is a great magazine that everyone in the prepping and survival world should have.

If you are in the New Castle County area you can go down to Newark and get as much compost that you can haul. It is free for the taking. If you are in Kent and Sussex, try to goggle to see if you county has a free composting pile to get from. If they don't well start your own in your yard.

Composting is hard to do, and the benefits are very good. The results in your garden will be great. The compost pile can be as easy as just making a heap and organic matter, or complex as a 3 or 4 bin system. It depends on your garden your needs and your space. There are many plans and styles to composting. It can be made with discarded wood pallets. There are also ones that can be bought online, but this is not a good idea IMHO since they cost so much money and we should be conserving the money for prep's at a time like this.

Keep busy and look out for you family.



  1. Rook, good post my friend. Seeds really are a good investment in your future security. Growing your own food is POWER and INDEPENDENCE.

  2. Hi Rook...I am really enjoying all of your posts...some really good, practical info here...thanks a bunch! I'll be back often!

  3. Rook They currently have a bill - HR 875 that they are trying to past. This bill will estasblish the food police and basically criminalize organic farming and the backyard gardens. This bill is currently sitting in committee and I am not sure when it is going to hit the floor. One thing I do know is that very few of our Representatives actually have read it. As usual they will vote on this based on what someone else is saying.



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