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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dental Resolutions for Survivalists

April 8, 2010 - "Dental Resolutions for Survivalists" By Joseph Parish. When our survival situation deteriorates to the point where the infrastructure is no longer capable of supporting the medical profession as we know it, then alternative plans should be established to provide these vital services. There are several viable means by which we could successfully alleviate any problems of this nature. Click here


  1. Joe Parish - i just watched you being interviewed on Russia Today (posted by APN here: http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com/2010/04/preppers-on-russia-today.html ) and just wanted to say that i think you did an amazing job! i also wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job here at the Delaware Preppers Network and that i always read your informative posts even if i don't always comment!

    please keep up the great work that you are doing!

  2. Thank you Kymber for your kind remarks. It's always good to hear that ones efforts are appreciated.


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