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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Security of Our State and Home...

We need to make sure that we are contacting the State Senate and House to get a state sovereignty bill passed to protect Delaware from fed's over reaching there grab for power. Check out this petition http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/delaware-to-reclaim-its-sovereignty.html if you are from Delaware please go read and sign.

Now, have you survey your defense around you castle? Think about it, the U.S.S.A- pays millions to people to survey security, but yet they can't close the border. That is a topic for another post. Take a nice long walk around your neighbor hood, and think of all kinds of threats. Not just SHTF, but natural disasters. Do you know at least 5 different ways to move out if need be, to avoid traffic or the NWO police? Now that I have moved to the new castle, I am also preaching to myself. I will be doing a little of this each night, until complete. What are some security ideas that you have instuited at your castle? Please don't disclose all just a few general that everyone may not have thought of. Why is that companies like ADT, Brinks and others think you need to pay them to protect your castle? These companies must have deals with goverments or some companies that as soon as you buy your house they must start calling. Well I think I will save my $40 bucks a month and secure my own castle the way I see fit.

Are our castles secure, you be the judge not anyone else.


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  1. Lots of good questions here Rook...and ones that we have thought of and try to put place in our little "fortress". Our house is set back off the road in an area of the city that has a lot of houses on the other side of the road, but only 3 on our side. We are also surrounded on two sides by parkland and to the back of your yard is an elementary school. Ours house is very non-descript looking and we keep it that way intentionally. We have practiced several routes of "taking off" as you can't tell from the front of the house that there is anything behind it and our backdoor is really around the back. If you are interested, you can read more about it in my post on the Nova Scotia Preppers Network entitled "No Curb Appeal"...
    Thanks for another throught-provoking post Rook!


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